A&G lawyers provides a full litigation service and has specialist knowledge in dealing with multi-jurisdictional matters. Our team of associated advocates are prepared to assist our clients in different fields.

The firm offers straightforward and practical advice and will explore all forms of alternative dispute resolution, advising clients clearly at the outset as to the costs and risks of litigation and also the merits and possible outcomes of the dispute.

Our expertise includes:

  • Family Law:Separation and Divorce, amicable or litigious, maintenance, legal custody for minors, marriage contract, declaration of legal heirs, Parental responsibility etc..
  • Civil Law:Property disputes, Landlord & tenant, Insurance disputes, Breach of contract, Property Building Negligence claims, Debt collection etc.
  • Criminal law:denouncements, traffic offences, injuries.
  • Labour Law:National insurance number, unemployment payments and other pensions

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