Obtaining an NIE

The NIE Number is a tax identification number in Spain, known in Spanish as the “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros”. The NIE Number is issued by the National Police of Spain and in accordance to Spanish law is required for the purchase or sale of any property, vehicle, or boat within Spain as well as for many other transactions.

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From 28 March 2007, Royal Decree 240/07 requires that all EU citizens planning to reside in Spain for more than 3 months must obtain the new form of Residencia to show their residency. This is the Residencia green Certificate issued by various offices of Extranjeria/National Police.

The A4 printed Residence Certificate states your name, address, nationality, NIE number (Número de Identificación Extranjeros) and date of registration. The new Residencia Certificate is for life – it never expires.

We provide a same day service for a Spanish Residencia ensuring that your application is dealt with swiftly, and avoiding the lengthy queues that can arise in the issuing offices.

We should make clear that this is not a fiscal Residency Certificate which is a certificate you need when registering with the Spanish tax authorities. A Residencia Certificate is a certificate that you are registered officially as a foreigner living in Spain, but not for tax purposes.

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