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If you are looking for lawyers in Almoradí, you are in the right place. We are a law firm specialized in helping people from other territories to get their property in Spain.

Some of our services include: sale of characteristics, obtaining NIE and housing certificates, power of attorney, inheritance, wills, litigation, transfer of property and taxes.Our services are based on legal advice and guidance for purchases and legal processes.

Transfer process to sell a property

In custom, the real estate agent distributes a set of keys to the client. Spare games remain at the property. You or your manager will receive the outstanding balance of the sale price, provide the ownership documents, and cancel the mortgage with the proceeds of the sale (if necessary).

Transfer process for the acquisition of a property

The client instructs us as transmitter of the acceptance of the offer, so that we have the possibility to complete any exploration that must be done on the property.

The client organizes a survey on the property and does a mortgage approval (if necessary).


Litigation and trial processes for which we provide our assistance to resolve or resolve a dispute through the courts.
Application for NIE and Housing in Spain.

We offer assistance with all NIE number approval development and housing certificates. We are able to provide you with up-to-date information on the processes and how to get the documentation required for approval.

Legal power

We can provide you with authorization to represent or act on your behalf in private / commercial and other legal matters. A power of attorney enables the development of transfer in case of inconvenience to travel or other time restrictions.

Inheritances, successions and wills

One of our services is the court-supervised development of authenticating a more recent intent and will if the decedent achieved one. It is within it to locate and know the value of the person’s assets, make payments on their bills and final taxes, and distribute the rest of the estate to its legitimate beneficiaries.

If required, our office has the special experts within the sector in which we will provide our support and accessible services for your greatest benefit.

Transfer of ownership

It is the means by which ownership of a property is transferred from one hand to another. This includes the acquisition of a property, the assumption of a mortgage debt, the exchange of possession of a property or some other lot.

These are the steps that have to be followed when transferring the ownership of a real estate property:Both the customer and the seller have to agree to the terms of the transfer.
There must be secured funds necessary to acquire a property.
Complete the required searches on the property and lot.
Take the completed deeds to the notary in the county where the property is located.
File the new deed at the county recorder’s office.


We include our assistance and guidance in relation to tax administration as part of the convenience development. We are confident that all taxes are transferred to your name and paid when it is essential. We will contact you when the taxes that cannot be modified for direct debit expire and we will inform you about the payment process.

We offer you…

As lawyers, perfected in handling the most precise situations for obtaining or selling characteristics in Spain, exactly in the towns of Almoradí and Almoradí, we focus on offering the service that leads to the execution of any person who is your undertaking within our designated surfaces. Likewise, we achieve the total satisfaction of our users when their transfer is executed with success.

Our priority is to guide and carry out the progress of all the legal development that the sale or acquisition of your property needs, our expert lawyers are the ones who will help you, likewise your transfer will be carried out accurately and safely, without setbacks and with the endorsement that our company has always given us.

Almoradí is a city council of the Valencian social network, Spain. Located in the province of Alicante, in the Vega Baja del Segura region.
This town has a diversity of configurations in the trading business of characteristics that, through the experience of our group, we will help you understand.

Which also has this diversity of particular real estate promotions, which, adapted to your requirement, we will help you find, acquire and sell.
We will offer assistance in finding and acquiring a specific property tailored to your requirements and pr

Helping you make the right decisions

Real Estate Lawyer

A&G Lawyers is a law firm specialized in helping people who are looking to buy a property and wish to settle down in Spain. We have over 20 years of experience in the sector and offer our clients an independent and honest assistance.

Civil Lawyer

At A & G Lawyers we have lawyers specialized in civil law. We can help you in any circumstance that requires a lawyer. We have extensive experience in Spanish and community civil law so that we can help you in international cases.

Family Lawyer

From our solicitor offices in Ciudad Quesada and Torrevieja, A & G Lawyers can help you with any family procedure you need. Our lawyers can help you with your cases of separation, divorce, will or inheritance.

What our customers say about us

We can heartily recommend A&G lawyers. They keep their commitments and are always willing to go the extra mile. Many thanks Adriana and especially Stan for your guidance with the purchase of our apartment in Torrevieja!

Thomas Benders, Facebook opinion

A lovely honest lady whom I had the pleasure to meet 15 years ago, represented us then and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her Company.

Janet Holdsworth, Facebook opinion

Fantastic service from Adriana and her excellent team. The team of girls are always courteous and helpful as is Adriana herself. Restored my faith in Spanish Lawyers after some horrendous experiences elsewhere in Spain. I highly recommend A&G Lawyers.

Danny Caesar , Facebook opinion

We are very satisfied. Super good guidance with our Spanish dream from start to finish. And also in Dutch. TOP
Thank you Stijn (Stan) and Hana for helping us so well. Recommended !!!

Lenders Anita, Facebook opinion

Very good solicitor. Professional and friendly staff. Feel secure with all transactions, highly recommended.

Daniel Toal

Very good lawyers. They accompanied us throughout the process of buying the property and the advice was extraordinary. From our experience, the best law firm in Torrevieja.


Professionals! Very professional team! Adriana, the lawyer is very dedicate to her job and clients.

Daniela Apostu


 965 505 305


 C / Ramón Gallud 78 1ºA
Torrevieja (Alicante)

Ciudad Quesada

Ciudad Quesada C/ Mallorca 25, Local 12. Doña Pepa, Ciudad Quesada (Alicante)



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  • Best Legal Services in the area. Real Estate Lawyers specialized in Conveyancing. Selling or Buying a Property, Taxes, Power of attorney, Inheritance, Probate and wills.
  • Visit our Offices in Quesada and Torrevieja to get the best Legal Advice. Real Estate Law. Selling or Buying a Property? Contact us for more information. We can Help you.
  • Experienced Lawyers Available Legal Advice in the area. Let Our Team of Professional Lawyers help you. Give Us a Call Now.

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