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A&G lawyers is a Law Firm with more than 20 years of experience in all matters relating to conveyancing and legal proceedings. Our team of experts is at your disposal, ready to offer their knowledge, guaranteeing professionalism and protection for our clients.

Thinking of buying or selling a property in Spain? Our team of specialists will ensure that you are dealt with in a personal and professional manner throughout the process.

Founder Lawyer

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María Adriana Andreu Guerrero
Founder Lawyer & Director


Christelle Vanden Eeckhoudt
Legal Adviser


Maribel Chazarra Martínez
Legal Adviser

Miguel Seva Sober
Legal Adviser


Leire Hernández Okariz

Legal adviser


Hilda Guadalupe Pérez
Legal adviser

Pilar Alvarez Lorenzo

Legal adviser


Lesley Van Havere

Legal Adviser

Gema Domínguez
Fiscal Adviser


Rosa María López


Olivia McGinell
Legal Adviser


Natasia Compañ-Kop
Legal adviser


arzenna Katarzyna Konieczna
Legal Adviser