Buying a Property

You will receive global counselling regarding all the proceedings for the purchase of property in Spain. Our conveyancing service includes the following:

  • Complete all necessary searches on the legal status of the property and the developer/vendor, informing the buyer/s of any issues discovered that may influence the decision or conditions of the purchase.
  • Liaise and agree with vendor/s and/or lawyers in respect of terms and conditions of the purchase, ensuring compliance with current laws. In the event that the vendors are non-resident in Spain, a lawyer ensures that any amount paid prior to completion is lodged safely with a resident party, preferably the vendor’s lawyer’s account.
  • Make preparations at the Notary Public for completion of the purchase or any further preparations required relating to the purchase such as preparation of powers of attorney for individuals abroad (duly legalized and translated) which give authority to a physical person/s to act on behalf of the buyers.
  • Assist in the completion process and ensure title deeds are properly registered in the appropriate local Land Registry, and that the property is free from all charges and encumbrances, free from occupants and tenants, as well as payment of the relevant taxes associated with the purchase.
  • Assist in locating, negotiating and obtaining a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of the property.
  • Obtain the NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros), or foreigners identification number.
  • Obtain the habitation certificate (A habitation certificate is a document verifying certain details about a property. These details indicate the property is constructed in accordance with regulations and the construction has been completed).
  • Utilities connections. We will initiate and sign contracts for water, electricity and gas supplies. It also includes arrangement of a standing order (direct debit) with a bank of the client’s choice.
  • Fiscal representation: In compliance with the Non Residents Tax Act (2004) any non-resident owning property in Spain is obligated to submit a Property Imputed Income Tax declaration before the 31 of December of the year following the purchase of property in Spain and thereafter on a yearly basis.

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