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Are you looking for the best lawyer in Torrevieja? Then stop looking and keep reading because you have already found the right place for you.

We are a law firm that guides European citizens in carrying out procedures related to the purchase and sale of properties in Torrevieja, Spain, as well as other services related to inheritance, succession and wills.

We can also assist you in litigation, obtaining N.I.E and Residence, preparation of legal powers, tax payments and property transfers.

We are also here to guide you legally in all these types of procedures related to acquisitions and legal processes. So keep reading to learn more about each of the services offered by our law firm in Torrevieja.

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Transfer process for the sale of a property in Torrevieja

With us you will have all the necessary guidance for the execution of the sale of your property in Torrevieja without any setback; from assistance in the realization of the private contract between you and the buyer, to the appointment at the notary.

It is necessary to have the best lawyer in Torrevieja for the sale of a property for all the procedures that you will have to carry out, such as the payment of the Capital Gains Tax to the City Council, the tax on the capital gain from the sale of your property, among others.

Transfer process for the purchase of a property in Torrevieja

In our office you will receive the necessary advice related to all the procedures for the purchase of real estate in Torrevieja; from investigating the legal status of the property to serving as a liaison and agreeing on the terms and conditions of the sale.

We also take care of the purchase documents before the notary public and other documents related to this procedure.

As the best lawyer in Torrevieja we make sure that property titles are duly registered, we even assist you in applying for a loan and in hiring public services such as water, gas, electricity.


In our office you can count as a European foreigner with our help in litigation or trial processes to resolve a dispute through Spanish courts.

As the best lawyer in Torrevieja we guide you in separations, divorces, declaration of legal heirs, property disputes, debt collections, complaints, unemployment payments, pensions, among other legal processes.

Application for N.I.E and Residence in Spain

Regarding N.I.E and Residence requests, we offer you updated information regarding how to obtain this type of documentation in Torrevieja.

The Tax Identification Number or N.I.E, known in Spanish as Foreigners Identification Number, must be obtained by all foreigners to buy and sell properties, vehicles or boats.

Legal power

In our office you can manage powers of attorney in Torrevieja so that a third person can represent you or act on your behalf on private or commercial legal matters.

A power of attorney will always be of great advantage to you in the event that you have problems traveling to Spain or time limitations and need to resolve legal procedures.

Inheritances, successions and wills

Our law firm has extensive experience in international cross-border succession issues involving different jurisdictions and any conflict of laws.

We also assist you in drafting wills and advise you on inheritance taxes in Torrevieja, Spain.

Transfer of ownership

This procedure, which consists of transferring the legal ownership of an asset from one person to another, with one of the original owners remaining in the title, we, the best lawyer in Torrevieja, offer it.

This procedure can include the purchase of a property, the assumption of a mortgage debt or the exchange of possession of an asset or land.

For a property transfer to take place, the buyer and seller must agree to the terms of the transfer; there are funds for the purchase of the good; the property titles must be notarized and the new deed must be presented at the registry office.


In our office we also offer help and legal guidance both to foreigners with properties in Torrevieja, Spain, and to those who reside in the country, in everything related to tax matters.

Our tax work typically covers the following:

  • Assistance in the management of the Spanish Income
  • Tax planning of personal income in Spain
  • Non-resident tax compliance
  • Tax compliance for residents
  • Spanish inheritance tax planning
  • Planning of the Spanish capital gains tax
  • Property taxes

In addition, from our office we offer you …

All the services you need as a European foreigner for the sale of a property, issuance of documents or any legal procedure so that you comply with the law and feel safe in Spain.

The priority of our firm is to be the best lawyer in Torrevieja to guide our clients in all legal processes related to the acquisition or sale of goods.

We have the best group of lawyers specialized in different areas to assist you in any of your projects within our country, and specifically in Torrevieja, so that you can carry out all your legal transactions successfully and without setbacks.

Torrevieja is a coastal city and municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. Located in the province of Alicante, in the Vega Baja del Segura region.

Finding a variety of options in the property buying and selling business that, thanks to the experience of our team, we will help you get to know.

If you are looking for the best lawyer in Torrevieja, do not hesitate to contact us.

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