At A&G Lawyers, we understand that searching for your perfect home in Spain is an exciting decision, but it can also be challenging. We collaborate closely with real estate agencies in the area to ensure that you find the home you are looking for efficiently and with the necessary legal support.

If you are planning to come to live in Spain, buying a home is an exciting and significant decision. At A&G Lawyers, we understand the legal challenges that can arise for foreigners wishing to settle in this beautiful country. Here we offer you a complete guide on the requirements to purchase a home in Spain.


Legal Requirements for Foreigners When Buying a Home in Spain


  • Foreigner Identification Number (NIE): Obtaining a NIE is essential for any real estate transaction in Spain. Our lawyers specialized in immigration can help you manage this process efficiently.
  • Spanish Bank Account: Opening a bank account in Spain is necessary to carry out transactions related to the purchase of the home. We provide you with advice to facilitate this step.
  • Deposit Contract: Before formalizing the purchase, a deposit contract is signed. Our legal team will be in charge of reviewing and ensuring that the contract complies with all regulations.
  • Property Investigation: We carry out a thorough investigation of the property to ensure that it is free of charge and complies with all local regulations.


A&G Lawyers by collaborating with the best real estate agents, you not only get advice on searching for your ideal home, but you also benefit from our comprehensive legal advice. We are here to ensure that each transaction complies with legal requirements and protect your interests.


What are the advantages of collaborating with real estate agencies?

  • Access to a Wide Range of Properties
  • Legally Verified Property Guarantee
  • Integrated Legal Advice
  • Hassle-Free Experience in the Purchasing Process



In addition, we not only help you find your ideal home, we also take care of the after-sales process to ensure a smooth transition. Don’t let legal complexity prevent you from fulfilling your dream of having a home in Spain.

At A&G Lawyers, we are here to guide you every step of the process, ensuring your purchasing experience is smooth and successful. Contact us today and let our immigration experts help you realize your dream of having a home in Spain!