Tips for people who want to sell their house in Spain

It can be thought that selling a property anywhere in the world has the same procedure. However, the laws of each country are different. Spain, for example, has a series of prerequisites to be able to execute the sale. Stay with us and we will give you some tips for people who want to sell their house in Spain.

The documentation is quite extensive, but it is not something impossible to put together in a short time. You have to pay attention to details because the laws are very clear when it comes to buying and selling.

To start the process you must have the notarial deed, this is what will certify that the person is actually the owner of the property. In addition, other valuable tips that can be useful should be considered.

legal Tips sell house Spain

Tips for selling a house in Spain

Selling a house in Spain for some may seem like an exhausting task. However, if you have a little organization and anticipate problems, you can make the whole process go quickly and smoothly. Consider following these tips:


  • With the notarial deed, then, the rest of the documents begin to be compiled. These are:
  • Property Registry Deed.
  • Last receipt of the contribution or IBI.
  • Cancel the expenses of Property Transfer Tax.
  • Receipt in the community to certify that you are solvent with the payment of community expenses.
  • Cancel the Taxes on Documented Legal Acts.
  • Building Energy Efficiency Certification.

Our advice at A&G Lawyers is to group all the collections and have the money to be able to pay all the fees and/or expenses related to the proceedings. Some of them are: appraisal expenses, notary, registration, management and capital gains.

Perfect time for sale

Everyone wants to get the most out of their sale, but that is not why they are going to sell above the real estate market price. The best thing is that the seller is aware of market movements, and one of the places to have relevant and real information is directly in the City Hall of each province.

This public entity manages a list with updated statistics about the behavior of the market, and based on that determine if it is a good time to sell or you have to wait a little longer.

Manage a price in line with reality

It should be considered that the values ​​change depending on the area where the house is located. In general, these data are based on the price per square meter of the property and on the basis and/or the location the total value is determined.

In addition to this, it is important to remain calm, because it may happen that the price is much lower than expected, since there are other factors that must be studied, such as: internal reforms. It could be that the living is in a middle class neighborhood, but when you enter the premises you find that it is a place above normal.

On the other hand, you should consider setting a price according to the facilities of the building. It does not matter if the seller has a luxury apartment, if the building is very old or not in optimal conditions. To this you must add the cost of services by third parties.

Is it necessary to hire a real estate agent?

Designing a feasible sales strategy will determine the success of the sale, or at least guarantee that the seller will not spend years waiting for a buyer. While it is true, a real estate agent or agency can bring many benefits, but it is also a reality that this has a cost and sometimes a very high cost.

For this reason, the suggestion is to study the case and analyze whether, in fact, this service is necessary or to continue as an individual. However, it is decided by the real estate agency’s proposal, it is necessary to delegate many of the errands such as appointments to view the property and many procedures are carried out by the company. Your peace of mind is well worth the expense!

To manage time

The sale of a property takes time, even if a real estate agent is hired. Many times future buyers want to meet the previous owners, so it is recommended to organize the schedules well so as not to miss the appointment.

Some people feel more confident having information about the people who lived in the property. In fact, some ask questions about reasons to sell, services and renovations, among others.

Make accounts clear

At the time of the purchase-sale, the property must be free of debts, tax payments and other financial commitments. Many times the tariffs and taxes of the flat are paid, but the municipal responsibilities are not fulfilled.

It is necessary that all affiliated services have a zero balance, in addition to the municipal capital gains. Organize everything in such a way that at the time of signing the deeds there are no unexpected surprises. There are some cases of people who postpone the signing or lose the sale because the debts have not been paid.

After the sale, third party fees and/or payments to real estate agents should be paid as soon as possible. It is important that when buying a flat, you have to demand the same from other sellers.
Few people know for sure what are the steps to follow in order to sell your house in Spain. The best advice we can give at A&G Lawyers is to hire qualified personnel to achieve an effective sale, in a short time and fairly.

These companies, in general, assume all the responsibility and focus on finding buyers and/or a public that is interested in the property. Take into account that in these cases availability and your desire may not be enough and you need a collaborator to advise you throughout the process.
In the same way, our company puts at your disposal advisors who can help you sell your house and/or help you with the documentation.